Make a permanent change in our society.  Open gateways to financial independence that h​ave been closed for generations.

Bring opportunity to the invisible class by teaching them the language of the future. In addition, assist our nations valuable businesses by bringing more talent into the market so we can continue to be the world leader in technology and innovation.  

Young HS grad earning a living

Our mission is driven by the overwhelming understanding that if something is not done right now, we will lose not just the this generation, but every generation after.

Brian Thompson

Goal = 1,000,000 Certifide Young People

​​​​Change the landscape of the following:

  • Massive amount of unfilled IT jobs
  • Lack of opportunities for "at risk" students
  • Change the outcomes for forgotten communities
  • Drive the IT job market

We will find train seed and seek positions for our students.  We will work with our client companies to select the best candidates for the positions available for each and all of our valued partner clients.