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Dr. Prateek Aggarwal believes wholeheartedly in the power of mathematics to address real life issues. Whether it is an issue of understanding behavior or of managing logistics of a project, he lets the numbers talk to him and communicates using mathematical models. As a data scientist, his models have found traction in many business scenarios as well as in studies trying to understand human decision making. "My principle is clear." he says "If you can't model it, you have not understood it. And if you have not understood it, you are not going to make a difference to it." 

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Dr. Melissa Dandy-Walker

Goal = 1,000,000 Certified Young People

Brian J Thompson is driven to change the narrative.  For too long it has been accepted that certain areas are what they are and that will not change.  Inner cities will be crime ridden and hopeless.  Appalachian communities are hidden, full of meth labs, extremely impoverished and hopeless. Our Native American lands are full of alcoholics, uneducated and hopeless.  Real action has to take place and it has to take place now.  Brian Thompson says, "Forget hope!  Hope never saved anyone.  Action is the key to all transformation."

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​Dr. Prateek Aggarwal

A Passion to Change the World