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Objective: Issue 1,000,000 IT certificates to students who have been totally overlooked, changing their lives and communities

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Who are our students? 

Any high school student or young person who wants to learn to CODE is eligible for our totally free program.  

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Creating a Pipeline from Certificate to Career


We are bringing together solutions for the many open IT positions around the country, the need for gender and diversity in the technology sector. The following document contains information regarding my proposed venture. 


Take the first step toward personal renewal – we will help you take control of your future!

High school Check-in

When complete interested schools will use this area to create login and enroll their brilliant students.

What courses?

We will provide only the courses that are in demand by the tech industry. Your path to a great career will not be extended by taking classes that are not needed.





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Native American Teens

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  • Open to ALL Students
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